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  After taking in the client's ideas and always with the aim of offering comprehensive solutions, which are suited to the needs of the client, the firm provides a turnkey service. NET I SERRA, designs the duly verified basic concepts at our facilities, in order to subsequently implement the project, produce the parts, carry out the mechanical assembly, design the machines production process, introduce automation and programme it into the production process. Finally the process is fine tuned, tested, installed into the client's production plant and the staff that will work with the new procedures are provided with adequate user training.

The after-sales service guarantees our growth, given that one of NET I SERRA's business principals is to never let the customer down.

For that reason, we have extended the range of services we offer, which now include machining in a CNC milling machine and technical adjustments preformed at the NET I SERRA facilities. At the client's request, apart from producing the automation, NET I SERRA can carry out production at their facilities, using their own permanent staff, they will handle machine maintenance and will deliver the finished product, which implies a significant SAVING for the client, both in terms of TIME and MONEY.

Our plans for the future involve innovation, improvement of our processes and a reduction in delivery times; we hope that these changes will help us expand our client base.
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