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  NET I SERRA, S.L. was founded in 1985, it is a company which is comprised of a young, dynamic team, with a great deal of enthusiasm, with more than 30 years experience in the optimisation of work processes, by means of automation and equipment.

Our company is known for offering the client a comprehensive service: we study the project, we design and manufacture it and we provide a post-sales maintenance service. All this is done with the highest standards of quality and at all times complying with CE safety regulations. Through the simplicity of our design, we seek functionality, we guarantee production and we can assure that the project will operate correctly.

Our business is based on realizing any sort of idea that is related to automation, to this end, we developed our own technology for the manufacture of all types of machinery and the elaboration of automated processes for sectors as diverse as the plastics industry: where we developed assembly, stacking and packaging machines, the pad printing sector: creating systems that make it possible to print on any item that will carry a mark or reference, healthcare industry: assembly of healthcare articles such as suction catheters and other suction materials, or the automotive industry, where we have created all kinds of machinery, for assembly, machining and control.

To undertake our business activity, the company has facilities at its disposal, which have a surface area of 600 m²; they are equipped with an ample range of precision machinery. Backed by our experience, good quality and service, NET I SERRA, has set the scope of its target market area, both in Spain and abroad.
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